10 U.S. States With Land Still Rich in Gold


Known for the Gold Rush, California still has numerous gold-rich areas, especially in the Sierra Nevada foothills.


Rich in natural resources, Alaska s remote areas, like the Klondike and Nome, are still productive for gold mining.


With a history of gold mining, Arizona's deserts and rivers, such as the Gila River, are prime spots for gold prospecting.


Known as the Silver State, Nevada also has significant gold deposits, particularly in regions like the Carlin Trend.


The southwestern part of Oregon, especially around the Rogue River, continues to yield gold.


Areas like the Boise Basin in Idaho are notable for their continued gold production since the gold rush days.


Virginia City and southwestern Montana are historically and currently rich in gold deposits.


Sites like Cripple Creek in Colorado, famous since the Pike's Peak Gold Rush, remain active in gold mining.

South Dakota

The Black Hills and the historic Homestake Mine in South Dakota are key gold mining areas.

New Mexico

The Ortiz Mountains in New Mexico still yield gold, primarily in mountainous and riverbed regions.