8 Lifestyle Habits that Make Europeans Healthier Than Americans

Emphasis on Walking and Cycling

European cities prioritize bike lanes and pedestrian zones, promoting safe walking and cycling which reduces obesity and improves cardiovascular health.

Smaller Portion Sizes

Europeans typically serve smaller portions, focusing on quality over quantity, leading to lower obesity rates and better health.

A Balanced Diet Rich in Fresh Foods

European diets emphasize fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, avoiding ultra-processed foods and promoting weekly farmers market visits.

Regular Consumption of Olive Oil

Olive oil, rich in heart-healthy fats and antioxidants, is a Mediterranean diet staple used extensively in cooking and salads.

Public Healthcare Access

Universal healthcare across Europe provides regular access to medical services and preventive care, aiding in early detection and treatment of health issues.

Strong Social Connections

Strong family and community ties in Europe contribute to better mental health and reduced stress levels through frequent social interactions.

Less Reliance on Cars

European urban planning promotes public transportation and pedestrian areas, reducing car use, obesity, hypertension, and pollution.

Regular Meal Times and Slow Eating

Europeans eat at consistent times and enjoy meals slowly in social settings, aiding digestion and preventing overeating.